Our aim is to provide you with the best saving and earning experience in DeFi and web3. One with the highest earning opportunities, safety, and stability. Our protected base APY Plans do just that.

When you save with Donut, we automatically convert your USD to digital dollars (stablecoins) so we can put those dollars to work in digital lending markets. Plans and their respective protected base APY floor mechanisms, insulate users from market volatility and allow users to save and earn high-yields without the risk of their rate lowering. Long story short: Markets go up and down, your Donut savings rate stays the same. Financial meditation. Hummmm 🧘‍♀️

Donut currently has 1 Plan that you can earn with:


  • Protected base APY: 5% Fixed APY

  • Minimum value: $0

  • Lending Partners: Institutional Borrowers

  • Strategy: On Save, we lend your funds directly to institutional borrowers. In return, we’re able to offer a predictable return on your money.

  • Protections: Coverage Protection, Custody Protection, Diversification, Fully Backed Stablecoins, Data Security, Account Protections, Compliance.

  • Withdrawals: Whenever you want. Funds typically arrive in 1 - 5 business days.

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