If a transaction on an activated payment method has yet to display on your Recently Round-up feed, please note that it can take several days for this to show and be added to your Round-up ring. To restart Round-up, first confirm that you've pressed play on your Round-up ring.

If your Round-up feature has stopped capturing spare change, you'll need to restart Round-up - we’re here to help.

Sometimes Round-up stops. This is often due to a password change or a connection expiration and our partner Plaid wants you to reconfirm your information and permissions. It’s kind of like when Youtube asks you if you’re still watching.

To continue earning APY on your spare change here’s all you need to do:

  1. Navigate to Round-up in-app

  2. Open Round-up Accounts

  3. Remove the Payment Methods you have activated for Round-up

  4. Add these payment methods back (or new ones!)

  5. Activate your payment methods for Round-up

Happy earning!

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