We want to provide you with the best opportunities to earn in the simplest and most secure way. Donut X and accreditation will allow our users to access plans with more APY.

Donut X is an advanced tier for accredited investors. On Donut X, plans offer more diversified exposure across DeFi — this is not necessarily suitable for all users as there may be more risks but they are deemed to understand and accept those risks.

It’s our intention to do a good job at building diversified products for this user demographic so we can then open them up to the broader Donut user base down the road.

Donut X users will have:

  • More advanced plans

  • Extra boosts

  • Higher limits

  • A little more customization

To become an accredited investor you need to be one of the following:

  • I earn $200k+ yearly, or $300k with my spousal equivalent

  • I have $1M+ in assets, excluding my primary residence

  • I own an entity (ie. family office) with $5M+ in assets

  • I hold Series 7, 65 or 82 license currently in good standing

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